SOFW Journal 11-2017, English, Online

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Personal Care
N. Kilcullen, J. Bacon, A. Larribau, M. Seurin
Bio-Derived Polyitaconates in Personal Care
C.L. Gummer, C. Gherardi, P. Pericu
Glycine-betaine Working at the Core of the Hair Fibre
E. Streefland
Don’t Let Skin and Hair Go Up in Smoke:
Perception, Effects and Studies Associated with Anti-Pollution
H. Kim, S. Park, T. Kim, H. Ahn
Long-term Retinol Decomposition Profile and Emulsion Chassis & Package Impact to Destabilization
Event Report
T. Vollner
LMC Cosmetics Conference 2017
9th February 2017, Stuttgart, Germany
K. Henning
Safety, Quality and Impact of Cosmetics
7th Fresenius Cosmetics Conference, Mainz, Germany, 30–31 March 2017, Part II
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