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Event Report
K. Henning
65th SEPAWA Congress & 14th European Detergents Conference
10–12 October 2018, Estrel Congress Center, Berlin
Personal Care
Y. Sander, R. Pillai
Pentylene Glycol: A Timeless Multifunctional Cosmetic Ingredient           
X. Liu, Y. Dai, J. Zhao, Yi. Chen, H. Li
Analysis of Transdermal Absorptivity Promoted by Facial Mask Products on the Basis of Transdermal Absorption Data of Multiple Systems (Part 1)    
J. Müller, N. Blosl, K. Schacht
Functional Vegan Silk Prolongs the Effect of Dihydroxyacetone in Sunless Self-tanning Products
B. Hubbard, P. Delrieu, T. Tabakman
Pearlescent Pigments and Illumination Trend in Makeup Preparations
T. Budde
A New Approach to Healthy Teeth
Innovative Minerals Proven to Enhance Tooth Surface
Sepawa News
T. Kimmel, H.L Möhle, T. Potstada
Exuberantly Innovative – Innovations and Risks in Professional Cleaning
Conference of SEPAWA Specialist Group Professional Cleaning and Care (PRP)
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