SOFW Journal 1/2-2019, English, Online

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Personal Care
M. Coirier, S. Gofflo, S. Le Davadic, E. Lasjaunias, B. Closs
Naturally Mobilize the Senses into the Skin
Y. Fu, M. Schoelzel, F. Michoux, A. Schrader
The Fusion of Ancient Wisdom with Advanced Technology
M. Heldermann
Natural Waxes: Sustainability & Social Responsibility
X. Liu, Y. Dai, J. Zhao, Y. Chen, H. Li
Discussion on the Safety of Facial Mask Products from the Perspective
of the Disturbance Influence of Preservatives on the Epidermis Micro-Ecology (Part 1)
M. Mateu, A. Grau-Campistany, M. J. Klein, S. Pastor, P. Carulla, J. A. Boras, M. Gorostiaga
Novel Peptide Acting on Both the Pre- and Post-Synaptic Pathways
Home Care
A.J. Hoekstra, M.R. Stoner
Improving Protease Stability in Liquid Detergents by Protein Engineering
A. W. Yarnell, S. F. Forster, J. Blankenship, P. Wanrooij, K. J. Posselt
Sodium Benzoate, a New Alternative for Preservation in Home Care
W. S. Brud, I. Konopacka-Brud
“Natural” and “Organic” in Cosmetic, Related Products and Ingredients
P. Pericu, T. Krieger
Do Good, Look Great: The Case for Side Stream Ingredients
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