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Event Report
K. Henning
64th SEPAWA Congress & 13th European Detergents Conference
18–20 October 2017, Estrel Congress Center, Berlin, Germany
Personal Care
C. Fournier, B. Johnson, R. Smith
Washing Away the “Bad Hair Day” with Silicone Solutions
R. Mantilla, C. Davi, E. Ca.adas, S. Venkataraman, R. Delgado
Let the Beauty Arise
S. Manzano, I. Minoggio
New Formulation Concepts Overcoming the Water/Oil Transparency Challenge
Home Care
K. Henning
48th IDC International Detergency Conference
4–5 April 2017, Hilton Conference Centre, Düsseldorf, Germany, Part II
H. Mehlhorn
Bloodsuckers are not Fussy! Reliable Protection is Essential
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