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Personal Care
J. Schleusener, C.K. Nowbary, M.E. Darvin, S.B. Lohan, J. Lademann, M.C. Meinke
Influencing the Cutaneous Carotenoid Status and Skin-physiological Parameters by Ingesting Antioxidants in the Form of Curly-kale Containing Food Supplements
S.Pain, F. Trombini, V. Andre-Frei, C. Reymermier
Harnessing Discoveries in Epigenetics to Help Revitalize Fibroblasts
M. Gempeler, S. Dawson, R. Campiche
New Data on Topical Peptide for Needle-free Facial Remodeling
A. Esplugas, E. Ferreira, J. A. Boras, S. Pastor
Deep Arctic Marine Extract for Deep Extracellular Matrix Engineering and Digital Anti-Aging Efficacy
L. Yi-na, Y. Ya-di, X. Zhi-yong, T. Jun
Promoting Effect of a Gene Expression Related Moisturizer  on Skin Hydration and Barrier Function
F. Wandrey, B. Henes, F. Zülli, R. Reski
Biotechnologically Produced Moss Active Improves Skin Resilience
A. Erlach, G. Springmann, M. Renner, K.-P. Wilhelm
Compatibility Testing of Cosmetics and Toiletries for Babies and Children
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