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Personal care
E. Besic Gyenge, S. Hettwer, B. Suter, S. Breitenbach, B. Obermayer
Triple Strength against Cellulite
O. Expósito, M. Perez, R. Vallecillo, M. Mas, A. Gallego, T. Ruiz, D. Luna, S. Laplana
Liposculpture through Plant Cell Factors: Genuine Fat Burning Plant Signals for Simultaneous Targeted Slimming and Skin Repair 
S. Bleckwenn, I. Kruse, G. Springmann, S. Bielfeldt, K.-P. Wilhelm
Perspiration and Odor Testing Methods and New Opportunities 
for Claims Development
P. Gonry
The Influence of Cosmetic Products on the Multicultural Skin Microbiota
U. Osterwalder, R. Schütz, J. Vollhardt
SPF Assessment Revisited – Status and Outlook
C. Gondran, C. Coquet, I. Imbert
How Does Our Skin Feel Light and Taste to Protect against 
the Harmful Effects of the Environment?
I. Dolečková, J. Bystroňová, M. Marešová, V. Hrobař, P. Šedová, M. Čepa, O. Židek,
Z. Dušková, M. Pravda, R. Buffa

Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid for Topical Cosmetic Applications
Home care
A. Bach, A.T. Wagner, S. Wehler
Surfactants with Strong Anti-Corrosion Properties 

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