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Personal Care
A. Mehling, H. Riedel, H. Gondek, R. Jung, J. Koch
Anti-Pollution: Safeguarding the Skin against Particulate Matter
A. Giménez, O. Laporta, E. Cañadas, E. González, R.l. Delgado
Anti-Pollution Solution that Keeps Skin Beauty
S. Hsieh, K.-Y. Yeh
A Novel Epigenetic-Regulating Active for Repairing Weakened and Damaged Skin
X. Liu, Y. Dai, J. Zhao, Y. Chen, H. Li
The Harmful Effects of Preservatives from the Perspective of Micro-ecology (Part 3)
B. Malcher, M. Brandt, G. Springmann, S. Bielfeldt, K.P. Wilhelm
Capacitive Contact Imaging – New Clinical Screening Method for Aluminum Free Products
P. Maréchal, N. Loubat-Bouleuc, M. Villedieu, F. Merlaud
A New Multifunctional Ingredient for Formulators:
Bringing Innovation in Cosmetics through the Instigation of Nature
O. Expósito, M. Pérez, M. Mas, A. Gallego, D. Luna, P. Riera, S. Laplana, T. Ruiz
Quorum Sensing Modulation: New Mechanism of Action
to Balance the Skin Microbiome Dysbiosis
Home Care
K. Rouette
Soil Release Polymers Enhancing Soil Removal with Eco-friendly Products
for Polyester Fabrics in the Washing Process   
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