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Personal Care
T. Förster, T. Hippe, G. Knübel
Is Repair of Lightened Hair Feasible? Myths and Facts on Different Hair Bonding Treatments
I. Montano, F. Wandrey
Effective Protection and Repair of the Hair from Daily Weathering
E. Bony, I. Renimel-Krolikiewicz, C. Leduc, P. Bedos, P. Schlegel, J.Y. Berthon, E. Filaire
Stimulating Nrf2 and Inhibiting NF-kB to Help Skin Combating Pollution
S. Zhong, F. Olechowski, R. M. Müller, S. M. Pyo
Submicron Particles from Lipid Mixtures as Safe and Efficient Carrier Systems for the Active Ingredient Retinol
J. Cebrian, M. Fougere, F. Pecquerie
A New Generation of Polymeric Emulsifier to Improve the Mildness of Oil-in-Water Emulsions
G. Rocha, F. F.J. Batistela, R. Tomazini Candido
Efficacy of Natural ((-) isomer) Alpha Bisabolol and its Sustainable Supply Chain versus Synthetics Chemicals
A. Anaebonam
Pseudofolliculis Barbae (Shaving Bumps); Ingrown Hairs – Real Cause, Treatment and why Black Men are Disproportionately Affected
Home Care
S. Hübner, F. Weiher, D. Buser
Surfactant-Loaded-Citrate – A Winning Combination for Automatic Dishwashing Detergents
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