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Personal Care
M. De Matos, H. Foliguet
Stabilized Green Tea Polyphenols Protecting Skin from Pollution
D. Hauck
New Natural Synergistic Antioxidant Blend for Product Protection
M. Coirier, E. Lasjaunias, L. Verzeaux, D. Boudier, M. Dana, B. Closs
A Breakthrough Innovation in the Design of a Second Skin Protective Film
F. Wandrey, D. Schmid, F. Zülli
Peptide Inspired by Sea Anemone Venom Comforts Sensitive Skin
T. Oliphant, R. Harper
Performance Analysis of Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters in Hair Care Applications
G. Rocha, F. F.J. Batistela
Green Active – A Natural & Sustainable Alternative with Proven Efficacy
for Capillary Treatment and Reconstruction – A World Trend
I. Fu, E. Li, V. Fang
New Cosmetic Ingredient – How to Break into China Market?
Home Care
B. Şahin
New Aspect to APGs
Company News
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