IFSCC Monograph - Analysis of Polymers for Cosmetics

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The objective of this monograph is to review the methods of characterization and analysis of polymers used in cosmetic products. The book is not designed to provide an exhaustive, up-to-date analysis of the field, but rather to give cosmetic researchers a basic overview of the types of analysis carried out for new and established products. Each method is illustrated with one or two examples of analysis in order to demonstrate the basic capabilities of each technique.


1 Definition and  Classification
1.1 Classification of Polymers Used in Cosmetics
1.2 Classification of Methods for Polymer Characterization and Analysis

 2 Physical and  Chemical Properties of Polymers
2.1 Chemical Structure and Composition
2.2 Physical Properties – Appearance, Color, Turbidity, and Odor
2.3 Molecular Weight
2.4 Particle Size Distribution and Particle Shape
2.5 Solubility and Solution Properties
2.6 Thermal Methods
2.7 Ionic Character and Charge Density
2.8 Mechanical Properties
2.9 Rheological Methods
2.10 Interfacial Properties
2.11 Polymer Degradation
2.12 Electrical Methods
2.13 Optical Methods
2.14 Microscopy
2.15 Biodegradability of Polymers
2.16 Corrosivity of Polymers
2.17 Toxicity of Polymers

 3 Analytical Data for Selected Polymers
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