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SOFW Journal Edition 12-2016
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Event Report
K. Henning
63rd SEPAWA Congress and 12th European Detergents Conference
12th-14th October 2016, Esperanto Hotel, Fulda, Germany
Personal Care
K. Brandenburg
Nail Polish: A Water-based Alternative
M. Heldermann
The Challenge of Effectively Stable, Anhydrous Colour Cosmetic Formulations
E. Bartholomey, S. House
An Overview of Foundation Make-up for Diverse Skin Tones
J. Comas, C. Davi, E. Cañadas, C. Oncins, R. Delgado
Embracing Time to Reflect Real Beauty
T. Vollner
LMC Cosmetics Conference
8th October, 2015, Stuttgart, Germany, Part I
Home Care
D. J. Miller
Contact Angle Measurements for Characterisation of Wetting Properties of Surfactants
A. Krouwer, C. Adams
Engineering an Improved Cellulase for Fabric Care in Liquid Detergents
K. Henning
Detergents and Cleaning Products
9th International Fresenius Conference, 19–20 April 2016, Mainz, Germany, Part I
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