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Personal Care
D. Shaw, M. Chandler, J. Menzia
Innovative Formulation Technique for a New Broad Spectrum,
Water Resistant, SPF 25+ Daily Facial Moisturizer
C. Hanay
Current Formulation Aspects for Sunscreens
J. Marto, LF. Gouveia, A. Paiva, B. Chiari-Andréo, V. Isaac, P. Simões, P. Pinto,
AJ. Almeida, HM. Ribeiro

Pickering Emulsions: a Sustainable Strategy to Boost the Water Resistance Performance of Sunscreens
M. Pedreca, J. Pierobon, C. Canto
Renewable Green Emollient to Solubilize Filters in Sunscreen Lotions
R.M. Lucas
Maximizing the Benefits and Minimizing the Dangers of Sun Exposure
E. Besic Gyenge, S. Breitenbach, B. Suter, S. Hettwer, B. Obermayer
The Role of the TRPV1 Receptor in Thermal Ageing
N. Blosl, R. Ott, Dr. K. Schacht
Efficient Hair Protection – the Multi-functional Silk Polypeptide as New and Promising Strategy against Pollution
H. Eixarch, D.Andrew
Future Regulatory Changes Affecting Cosmetic Ingredients
F. Schambil
Innovations around Laundry and Cleaning
Conference of SEPAWA Specialist Group “Innovative Cleaning”
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