SOFW Journal 4-2017, Englisch, Online

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Personal Care
M. Heldermann
New Concepts for Ethnic Beauty Products
R. Campiche, P. Wikström, D. Imfeld, V. Rosenberger
SYN-UP™ Bolsters the Skin’s Resilience against Environmental Stressors
J. Comas, C. Davi, E. Cañadas, N. Almiñana, R. Delgado
Marine Beauty on the Skin
P. Martin
Beauty with Benefits: Why High-performance Make-up is the New Frontier for Cosmetics
C. Cartwright-Jones
The Effect of Black Temporary Tattoos on the Chemical Cosmetic Industry and a Solution to the Problem
K. Schacht, U. Slotta, M. Suhre
Prevention of Biofilm Formation with Vegan Silk Polypeptides
Home Care
T. Copley
Testing Detergents: Establishing Efficient Methods for Formulation, QC and Comparative Assessment
M. Egert
The BE Microbiome – Communities with Relevance for Laundry and Home Care
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